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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Easy Screening

Make yourself Google-able. If I can find you on the Great Web. This is a staple of transparency. All information has to make sense – my safety is my priority. Making yourself Google-able makes the rest of your verification valid. And sometimes just making yourself Google-able is enough verification to pass your screening. Other reputable  […]

Independent vs. Agency

I assure you transparency. It’s that simple. Agencies employees are typically on a strict clock watch system and agencies take a large commission- well you get the picture. Agencies can be more affordable, but do not have the best interest of the provider nor the client. You may also find yourself  with someone you cannot […]

Enjoy your relaxing holiday together

Only hard work, has never made anyone happy. You were seeking balance. You deserved an ultimate dream holiday. Whether you enjoy a wonderful romantic holiday together at your fantasy destination or a holiday with a small group with friends, it would be my pleasure to join you . A weekend of partying in a Ibiza […]