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International Business trips

I’m a High-class escort during a business trip.

I present myself with elegance and intelligence I am pleasant and suitable company during your international business trip. While you are working during the day, I can make preparations for the evening, work on your personal grooming or explore the city. In the evening I will be a charming lady by your side during business dinner or romantic candlelight dinner for two.

Minimum booking most European cities require a minimum booking of 12 to 16 hours other worldwide cities require a minimum of 24 to 48 hours.

What is The Girlfriend Experience?

(Commonly known as GFE) is a type of service a companion offers , which may include acting like a girlfriend to the client. GFE may include talking, snuggling, hugging, laughing, traveling together, a no rush experience, eating a meal together, a more comprehensive experience. And unspoken act of trust and transparency. And opportunity to be honest, unjudged, and which real connection is celebrated.

She is typically offering her true self. Not an act of service. Typically this kind of service does not “feel” like a service.

Personality is everything

Personality is everything, if you believe in this theory then we’re going to get along just great.
And if you like the photos I offer then you should know is that a nice personality comes along with it.
I’m very comfortable in my own shoes, I have a graceful maturity, a fun funny side, easy-going but strong willed, and approachable.

Building a strong friendship is my main objective.

Proper etiquette for donation

Donations are simple. Deposits for travel via credits card after your screening has cleared. The remainder in cash placed in an envelope when we meet. It should be a silent gift transfer.

You may also Request a credit card payment. Please have your ID ready.

If you choose to extend your time, please ask me ahead of time. You will be expected to donate for the extended time. Please don’t make me ask.

Easy Screening

Make yourself Google-able. If I can find you on the web. This is a staple of transparency. All of information must merged. All information has to make sense, then I will see you as a solid prospect.

Making yourself Google-able makes the rest of your verification more valid. And sometimes just making yourself Google-able is enough verification to pass your screening.

Independent vs Agency

I assure you transparency. It’s that simple.

Agencies can sometimes feel like trafficking, nothing fun about that. You run the risk of “bait and switch”. And these providers are typically on a strict clock watch system. Agencies will typically check in on the “employee”, take a majoring commission, and you get the picture. Agencies can be a little more affordable, yes, but do not have the best interest of the provider. Agencies usually will hire and train, so you will be dealing with someone who’s new the industry, nervous, perhaps very young, and less than good spirited. You may also find yourself stuck with someone you cannot relate with, or there are language barriers. This will reflect during the appointment service.

A happy provider makes for a happy experience. You get what you pay for, a theory that is as old as the Bible.

Enjoy your relaxing holiday together

Only hard work, has never made anyone happy. You were seeking balance. You deserved an ultimate dream holiday. Whether you enjoy a wonderful romantic holiday together at your fantasy destination or a holiday with a small group with friends, it would be my pleasure to join you . A weekend of partying in a Ibiza , scuba diving in the Maldives , sailing at the Greek Islands, The possibilities are endless.

What’s your dream holiday ?

We can discover the city together.

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, here’s a a great idea. We can discover the city together. Make me your
personal assist and your city guide. Or I can just be your day partner. A day tour, is best shared.

I frequent the top cities nationwide, so I have a good understanding of how to use their local transportation, dining, entertainment, local events and best destinations. Let’s do it together.

If you were thinking about going internationally, I am all in!! I am TSA preapproved. I traveled light and low maintenance. Very experienced with international travels.

Overnight trips, I do require an eight hour sleep please allow me to wake up naturally. Please allow for jetlagged.

Time to take care of you.

Does your life seem empty, chaotic, stagnant with routines? Are you someone who longs to share quality time with a beautiful woman, but are too busy to for a full-time relationship? Sometimes we need a sweet escape to help us relax, unwind, and regain balance so we can feel refreshed and alive again. I invite you to allow the pressures of the outside world to melt away as we experience essential and liberating liaison.

What not to do

  • Do not talk about anything alluding to unlawful acts. This is a sure way to get yourself ignored. I am offering my time and luxury companionship, nothing else is insinuated.
  • Do not my waste time. I Understand your curiosity, do not contact me until you have a clear understanding of my services and are serious. Do your research first. Wasting my time as noted, and a sure way to be ignored permanently.
  • Do not put me in a situation where I have to leave abruptly or ask for additional fees for extended time. I am there to be a joyful presence, negotiating monies, is uncomfortable and is not part of my job description.

Fly Me to you

This is my specialty. I am frequently invited to travel to top rated cities nationwide and internationally. I can meet you anywhere, by appointment and after verification.

Of course a 50% deposit via credit card to secure the appointment. It is secure and discreet.

And I would need as much advance notice as possible.

Appointment duration minimum apply.

I will take care of my personal hotel and flight arrangements, please simply cover the duration minimum.


The harder I work, the more success I have.

Perhaps something you can relate to. If you’re successful human being, Then you just might too busy for the dating scene. That’s where I come into the picture. Here to serve you.

Professional companionships make more sense.

I’m the perfect model companion. Like variety? Escorts just makes sense.


  • Escort: 1000’s per month
  • Girlfriend: 5,000 per month
  • Mistress: 200,000 per month
  • Wife: 1,000,000 per year

Escorts offer a no strings attached arrangement where are you receive exactly what you want. We offer an opportunity to be honest, vulnerable, unjudged, and which real connection is celebrated. No complications of a conventional traditional relationship. We do not judge or discriminate and very open minded

Better than a dating service.

Companionship services eliminate the third-party, if you’re someone who thinks independently you will appreciate this.

Everyone wants connection. One way or another, we you pay for it.

The world of the high-end escort is most ideal for anyone who is an entrepreneur, individually minded, six outside of the box, and knows exactly what he / she wants.

Why let the Match.com’s of the world claim they know what you want?